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There is much more about having a cat than you may have thought about and the Cat Owner Guide ?Feline Royalty - Who rules the roost in your home?? is just what you need to answer those questions. Here?s a ?sneak peek? at what you?ll discover inside: * How to select a cat breeder * Selecting a breed of cat * Choosing a name for your cat * How to litter train your cat - With enough time and patience, you can learn to litter-train your pet cat and succeed while doing so. * A Breeders choice of cat box - There is a wide variety of designs, styles and features for cat litter boxes. Learn how to select the correct one for your cat. * Selecting the right cat litter - There are a variety of cat litters to choose from. Learn tips and advice about making the correct selection for your cat. * A Breeders choice in cat litter ? What do the experts have to say abut choosing cat litter? * What about those automatic litter boxes? Is it right for your cat? How to select a scratching post - Take care in choosing the right post for your cat or he may not use it! * Training your cat to use the scratch post - The only thing to remember is that to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture is to provide her with something better to scratch. * Should your cat be de-clawed? * Grooming your cat # Selecting cat toys - Cats have the tendency to both play hard and play soft. Toys are to cats the same as toys are to dogs. Learn which are better for your purposes. # Training your cat to co-exist with your dog - In this chapter is a series of steps to finding harmony between cats and dogs. # How to have a happy cat - Here is where you will find tips on how you can have a healthy and happy cat Totally free and fully functional Download.

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